My Story

Rachel Jayne is a business created with mums in mind. 

As a designer, I have worked in many stressful roles within the print, media, and television industry but none of them could prepare me for the most challenging job of all…becoming a mum.

My idea of breastfeeding was “simple’ you have the tools and your baby knows how to make it all work…right!

My first experience of breastfeeding was not the best and after much trying I decided to give up when my daughter was about three and a half months old.

Yet with my second child my son my experience was much easier still not without its challenges but much more enjoyable.

Not long after my son was born I watched a documentary by a lady in the UK called Cherry on breastfeeding… I found this very interesting and it opened my eyes to a new world of breast milk and the importance of feeding your baby and more of the negatives of formula. 

After my experiences I decided I wanted to help other mums to overcome the challenges they may face with breastfeeding and provide them with the tools based on both my own and other mums experiences that will help them to overcome any obstacles and achieve their goal of enjoyably feeding their child.

I thought if I could help one mum to do this then I would be happy. 

However I didn’t want to just limit this to breast feeding as motherhood presents its self with many more challenges then just being able to feed your baby…bottle or breast the everyday challenges of a baby can sometimes be very overwhelming and tiring.

One of the biggest obstacles to get over and deal with after becoming a mum especially for the first time, is that it all of a sudden becomes all about ‘them’

Suddenly you feel like your name is forgotten and your slapped with the new title ‘mum’ and everything you knew about yourself disappears into some foggy memory of what was.

I believe it does not need to be this way and from that the idea for Rachel Jayne was born…Mums the word….not a just a title but a word that sums up and describes a new you…even if you don’t know it yet.

I want Rachel Jayne’s name to create confidence within all mums and make them feel special….it is about YOU and you DO deserve to feel (and you know you are) important! 

Looking good and feeling confident are the 2 of the key aspects to making motherhood something all mums can concur, enjoy and love.

A happy mum = a happy baby.

As I began to research my business idea and put together my business plan I found that there are already a large range of support based businesses and breast feeding stores thought our big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney,

So I started to look closer to my own backyard and found that there was a big lack of these services and products for the rural and outback Australia so this is where I have aimed my business. 

I have design clothing styles to suit our hotter climate.

I am looking at ways to implement and get the word out to rural and remote areas for those mothers who must feel like they are a world away form everything to know they are NOT alone. 

I hope that my designs and creations make a difference to each and every one of my customers.

Enjoy from one mum to another,

Rachel Jayne xx




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